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    Open the visitor's current page

    In addition to the mirroring, the action pane in the chat window offers you the possibility to open the visitor's page in a new tab. Here is how it works. What is important to know is that it is on...

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    The visitor's page remains blank in the background of the conversation panel (mirroring)

    In some cases, it is possible that the page visited by the visitor is not properly replicated on your conversation panel, leaving a completely blank background. Here are the main reasons for thi...

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    Experts rewards

    You advise hundreds of visitors every day, and the satisfaction given at the end of your conversations is a reflection of your expertise and the quality of your exchanges.   We would like to highli...

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    New rating system

    The satisfaction survey sent to each visitor at the end of a chat has been to redesigned to provide visitors a more fluid experience and to measure clear and recognized indicators in the market. M...

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    Charte d'utilisation - Espace collaboratif ibbü

    The collaborative space's goal is to promote mutual assistance among experts from all ibbü missions about common topics related to their use of the ibbü platform. The collaborative space - how does...

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    Sharing files in a conversation

    As an expert, you can share all types of images and pdf documents in a conversation. Supported file formats The file formats currently supported are: PDF documents All types of images (ex : jpeg...

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    The livefeed tour

    The livefeed enables you to exchange in real time with other experts, with the brand and the ibbü team.  The community From the livefeed, you can have conversations with other experts from the same...

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    How to chat on mobile ?

    As a mobile user, your main interface on the ibbü app is the "Chats" tab. Here is an overview of this section of the ibbü mobile app. 1- Canned answers: these automatic answer suggestions enable yo...

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    Presentation of the mobile app

    The mobile app you have downloaded on the App Store or Google Play is comprised of 5 main tabs: 1/ Chats2/ Livefeed3/ Campaigns4/ Stats5/ My info 1/ Chats This tab is the equivalent of the convers...

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    How to manage your notification preferences on the ibbü mobile app

    The ibbü mobile app and My info tab allow you to enable or disable notifications sent on mobile devices and/or by email.     Warning: you must also enable mobile notifications from your device's a...