Invoices and the commission for iAdvize

Each month, you receive 3 documents to assess a final evaluation of your monthly revenues :

  • One invoice written in your name (already completely prepared for you by ibbü/iAdvize) for the company, listing the chats you handled within the month which are also offset against the particular payment method (e.g. €2/ chat)

  • One invoice sent to you by iAdvize, billing a 20% commission on the sum paid by the company (e.g. 0,40€/ chat). 

  • In case of any additional payments such as bonuses, there will be an invoice written in your name to  iAdvize, stating the payment.
Why is there a 20% commission for iAdvize?
iAdvize for charges a commission for its work as intermediary. This commission covers the costs for the platform and other IT infrastructure used by ibbü, as well as commercial spendings that ultimately, enable the experts to start chatting for different campaigns and companies.
Do I have to pay back the commission to iAdvize ?
No, you do not owe any money to iAdvize. The commission is deducted by iAdvize before the expert's renumeration is transferred to their bank account.  
Why is the commission part of the revenues presented by iAdvize ?
We are aware that this payment structure is not irrelevant to the experts and impacts the sum that need to be declared. Still, even though it is not the simplest structure, it is the only one allowing the brands to pay experts for their performance and for us to receive a commission for the infrastructure used. 
Why is iAdvize writing the invoices in the name of their experts ?
By reading and accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you authorized iAdvize to write invoices in your name. We decided to chose this system to facilitate the paper work of our experts and to minimize the number of required communication channels with the companies.
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