How to end a conversation?

Once no question is left unanswered, it is time to end the conversation and close the chat box before you can receive new chats. The visitors will be informed and their chat box will automatically be closed within 5 seconds. Visitors can also close the chat box themselves. You will receive a notification if that happens. 

Maybe you have already experienced it yourself, a conversation can be hard to end. It can be hard to predict if a visitor has further questions or not! A little trick: if you want to end a conversation ask the visitor "Do you have further questions?”.  With this question you do not only show that you care about their questions and concerns but you can also be sure if the conversation is over or not. 

If you do not want to receive further chats because you want to talk to the other experts in the live feed; or because you are not available, do not forget to turn your availability OFF.

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