Start working with you ibbü expert control screen

Congratulations, you have been chosen to become an ibbü expert! 

Before you can receive messages from online shopper, you need to change your availability status from OFF to ON.

A detailed explanation follows below 



(1)  This icon leads you to the "Live feed" where you can exchange advise, questions or experience with other experts in your campaign.

(2)  This icon leads you to the knowledge base of experts, the technical support, or log you out. 


(3) When being in a conversation with an online shopper, you can see the current page the customer is navigating on. It should hep you to understand their problems better and to quickly react to them. 

(4) The dialog window displays all the messages you exchange with the customers. Hence, it is the main tool for ibbü experts 

(5) The dialog boxes allow you to easily switch between simultanious conversations 
Additional information displayed in the tab include:
- The time that passed since the last message got delivered
- The last message written in the chat 

There is a colour code that allows you to prioritize your discussions :

GREEN, the discussion is fully displayed on the screen.
RED, the customer is waiting for your response.
GREY, you are waiting for a response from the customer
Click on the minimized dialog windows to open them on the full screen




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