10 fundamental rules

To ensure the ibbü community works properly, we ask you to follow these 10 fundamental rules. 
Breaking one of these rules could result in the suspension of your earnings as well as your exclusion from the community. 


  1. Never prejudice the brands by making defamatory statements about it.
  2. Never approach online shoppers on behalf of a competitor.
  3. Be polite under all circumstances including when online shoppers are not polite themselves.
  4. Never discriminate against online shoppers on grounds of race, religion, sex, etc.
  5. Never voluntarily mislead online shoppers by giving them false information (be honest and transparent, tell them when you don’t have the answer to a question).
  6. Never ask online shoppers for sensitive data such as their bank account details or password.
  7. Never let someone else log in to your account and respond to chats on your behalf.
  8. Never generate “false chat conversations” to artificially increase your earnings.
  9. Don’t use the “block this visitor” option unnecessarily. 
  10. Have fun chatting with online shoppers! 
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