Software and network requirements

To get the best iAdvize experience, we suggest you to follow these software and network requirements.

1/ Web Browsers

iAdvize is a SaaS application based primarily on javascript and therefore requires a powerful web browser.

Generally, iAdvize is best with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. To get the best possible experience, the recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Here are the details of iAdvize compatibility with the different versions of existing browsers:

  • Internet Explorer versions superior or equal to v.10
  • Firefox superior to 3.6
  • Chrome all versions
  • Safari versions superior or equal to v.7
  • Opera all versions
  • Androïd (mobile) > Anrdoïd 4.4 

2/ Network

iAdvize is using real time data transfer protocols. For this reason an unstable / low bandwidth internet connection, or network filtering of some protocols can prevent iAdvize from working properly.

Such network limitations can trigger: disconnections on the discussion panel, messages not reaching the visitor or lags while using the tool.

If you notice this kind of problems, we invite you to follow these recommendations:

  • using a wired (Ethernet) connection rather than Wifi (a wireless connection could be weak or unstable).
  • The minimum bandwidth required is 2Mo/s (download), 500Ko/s (upload).
  • bypass * on your network equipments (proxy, firewall), and antivirus.
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