Getting started

1 / Receiving new incoming conversations

When you are not in discussion with an internet user, our window is vacuum. If you put your status into ON and that a visitor asking the tribbü, you will automatically receive the discussion. Then you will see a discussion window display, and in the panel background the page where the customer is.

2 / Viewing the page of the visitor

Viewing the page of the customer is a great way helping you to find the customer's issues. This not a secret but interlocutor does not know always that you have this view. We advise you to take few precautions or, if the situation requiert few explanation, very simply explained that in order to provide a better advice, you could see on your panel his page.

3 / Increase your reactivity

Have you may-be already note that when the visitor is typing his message, you have the ability to see it before he sent it. The objective of this feature is to be one step ahead in order to provide the answer as soon as possible and to being really fast! Be aware that, on his site, the user does not sees what you are writing before you have sent it.

4 / Increase your productivity

At first, you will answer a single visitor at the same time, but later, when you will be comfortable with your panel, you will have to interact to further visitors at the same time. We know that few professional agents are answering more than four visitors at the same time! This can be a fun challenge for you to reach the same level ;)

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