Discover your Expert discussion panel

Congratulations, now you are an ibbü expert!
You need to log into your expert discussion panel in order to be available for visitors, on the website you subscribed to.

Here is a presentation of the elements composing the discussion panel.

(1) By clicking on this icon, you can switch between 1, 2 or 4 discussions displayed simultaneously on the discussion panel.

(2)  Check out your notifications. For example the publication of a new comment to one of your posts.

(3) This icon  will lead you to the live feed. This panel will contain messages exchanged between experts, or with your community manager.

(4) This icon  (it can be replaced by your picture) will lead you to your expert profile. From this profile you can change your personal information, your status or log out the discussion panel.

(5) While having a conversation you can see the page of the visitor. It will allow you to better understand the problems and guide the visitor on the website.

(6) The chat box (or chat window) is the central element of the discussion panel. It shows the content of the conversation.

(7) At the bottom of your dicussion panel is a bar containing all of your discussions in the form of boxes. It allows you to switch between conversations.

Each box contains information about the discussion:

  • Time elapsed since the last message and the duration of the discussion
  • The last message of the visitor is displayed

There are 3 colours that enable you to identify which discussions must be prioritised:

  • In green, the active discussion on the screen.
  • In red, discussions waiting for a response from you.
  • In grey, discussions awaiting a response from the visitor.

Click on a box to display the associated discussion on your discussion panel.


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