Closing a conversation

Closing discussions is an essential step that is not to be overlooked. At the end of each conversation, consider closing and qualifying your exchange.

1/ Closing a conversation
2/ Qualifying the conversation
3/ Adding a conversation endnote

1/ Closing a conversation

Once the exchange is done with your visitor, it is necessary to close the discussion in order to start a new one.

Once you close the discussion, visitors are warned of the end of discussion, and the chat window is automatically reduced on their side after 5 seconds. Visitors can also close the chat window, at which time you will be alerted.

You can close a discussion by clicking on the close icon of the chat window.

Once you do this, a window appears and allows you to perform certain actions before permanently closing the conversation.

2/ Qualifying the conversation

It may be interesting to qualify your discussions. The person in charge of your community will be able to use them to manage the community's activity.

Use an existing type from the drop down menu "Categorise this conversation" (1).

3/ Adding a conversation endnote

In addition to qualification, you can add a conversation endnote (2). This is an open comment about your exchange and will be able to be consulted later by the community manager.

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