Find the right tone

If you read this article, it is certainly making conversations online does not scare you;)

Indeed, you do not have to worry. There are no specifics methods to master before to answer like an ibbü Expert. As on social networks, text message or instant messaging with friends, just be accurate and direct. Keep sentences short :)

You may be wondering what's kind of tone you could use when talking with visitors? The most important is to be natural. The conversation online must be fun and interesting for you. So, it is up to you to find your own style!

Smiley or not? It depends on the site you answer and your contact. Say there is a rule: adapt yourself to your audience!

All users do not have the same abilities with internet. Some people will immediately adopt a relaxed language. Others will feel more formalism. You have to find the right tone :) Remember that, as in your "real" meetings, the formal mode may be more appropriate to first contact.

Emoticons :

Many people are familiar with it today. They became a real plus in written discussions and allow to transcribing a smile, particular intonation, facial expression ...

But like everything, too much emoticons kills the emoticons! You have to use it cleverly ;)

Similarly, some typographic rules are not as harmless as you think. For example, uppercase often refer to a high tone of voice ( "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?") And can be a bit aggressive in certain situations.

Spelling mistakes :

As in any written exchange is better to avoid spelling ...

Follow the punctuation may also be important to facilitate understanding of your partner. But keep in mind that "to err is human." Furthermore, we must distinguish spelling typing errors. We generally give less importance to the second category.

Some people are not as familiar with computers as you ... You may have sometimes to show great patience! :)

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