Notifications "Oops. Message not delivered"

In order to improve the user experience when performing chat conversations, we now display a notification when a message is sent (on the agent side for the moment).

From now on, the agent is notified of the proper transmission to our servers of each sent message. When the transmission to our servers is performed successfully, you will see the notification "Message delivered".

This notification will disappear after few seconds.


If nothing is displayed after sending a message, it means it has not been transmitted to our servers. At this moment our system will automatically perform 3 sending attempts.

If these 3 attempts fail too, you will see the error message "Oops. Message not delivered. Click here to try again". Then you can manually send your message by clicking the error notification. 


N.B. The "Message delivered" notification is not a message delivery receipt (it does not mean that the visitor has read the message). This notification only informs that the message has reached our servers. 

What should I do if the error message is displayed repeatedly?

If you repeatedly notice messages leading to an error, or if the manual sending process does not work, it usually means the connection between the discussion panel and our servers is not established anymore. In this situation, we recommend to reload the discussion panel page (F5 key) in order to reset the connection with iAdvize.  

If this error is still occurring after several reload of the discussion panel, we invite you to verify that your network connection is working properly, as well as your software and network requirements.

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