When and how will I receive my remuneration/ my invoice

Before receiving any payments, you have to have reached maturity, have your domicile in the country corresponding to your campaign, and have to possess the corresponding legal status (compare with section "Questions concerning the legal status). Other information needed include your bank details, documents to prove your legal status, as well as an official proof of your identity

Every Monday, you will receive two e-mails - the recapitulation of your last week's activities and the "Chief's Table":

  • The recapitulation of your activities sums up and calculates your remuneration for each week.
  • The Chief's Table presents the experts with the best weekly performances and allows the others to compare and classify their own performance within the campaign. 

The bank transfer is carried out Tuesdays, but could take up to 3 or 4 days  to arrive in your account (delays vary for each bank).


Each month, you receive 2 invoices: 

  1. One invoice about the commission for iAdvize
  2. One invoice we bill in the name of the company you are chatting for.
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