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  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Avatars - How to pick the right profile picture

    ibbü experts can personalize their profiles using a profile picture to offer an authentic and professional experience to online visitors. This avatar/profile picture is now visible to online visito...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    The 10 ibbü rules

    To make sure the ibbü community works properly, we need you to follow the 10 ibbü rules. Unfortunately, if you do not respect them, we will need to consider suspending your earnings and your me...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Communication Guidelines for the Livefeed

    The purpose of this document is to lay out the guidelines for the exchanges that take place between the experts, iAdvize and brand representatives within the Livefeed. On different levels, the Liv...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Connection disruptions and disconnection issues

    You might experience disconnections for the discussion panel related to an unstable internet connection.  When disturbances appear on the network, one or several connection attempts happen betwe...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Monitor your activity : payment and satisfaction

    The Stats tab allows you to know the impact of your work on customer satisfaction and to monitor the evolution of your turnover directly on your ibbü platform.  You can have access to your weekly (...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    I didn't receive my remuneration, why?

    To receive payments, it is utterly important to have submitted a proof of your legal structure. The required information vary among the different countries, so make sure you check your personal inf...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    You stopped receiving chats

    You can't seem to receive any chats or they stopped coming your way. Incoming chats flow are based on several things.  Availability First of all, have you checked your availability status? You shou...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Follow your chat satisfaction

    Thanks to the activity tab you can follow the impact of your activity on visitors satisfaction and track the evolution of your turnover directly from your ibbü platform.  You can access your weekly...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Log in at the perfect time !

    If you want to handle more chats to improve your remuneration, you may wonder when you should log in to make the most of ibbü!  Indeed, the volume of incoming chats varies depending on the websites...

  • Maud creó un artículo,

    Handle multiple chats simultaneously

    If you feel comfortable with ibbü and want to handle more contacts, you can adjust your maximum amount of simultaneous conversations.  Go progressively! At first, you will only handle one conversat...